“You have actually just started to find your power. Join me, and I will certainly complete your training. With our merged strength, we can end this disastrous problem and also bring order to the galaxy.” –Darth Vader, Star Wars: The Realm Strikes Back

Thturbulent the skirmish games of Imperial Assault, you have the opportunity to enter the Star Wars world as the leader of a trained strike team. Your missions may lead you to infiltrate an Imperial facility, bring out a tactical assassination, or gather indevelopment from the locals. Of course, it’s never before simply that easy—there’s constantly an additional strike team, trying to achieve the same objectives and fighting to sheight you by any kind of indicates feasible.

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If you’ve currently begun your training for the Imperial Assault skirmish at the Fantasy Flight Gamings World Championship Weekfinish, you could be wondering around the toughness and best builds for each factivity. Today, Zach Bunn of Team Agreement starts a collection of faction reviews for Imperial Assault.

Zach Bunn on the Imperial Faction

A long time back, Imperial Assault was first released… It’s crazy that it wasn’t even 2 years back that the game first came out! Since then, we’ve travecaused Tatooine, Hoth, and also Bespin. We’ve viewed many of the most iconic personalities, likeBoba FettandLanexecute Calrissian,introduced. We’ve additionally had actually more recent personalities enter the game, likeThe Grand also Inquisitorfrom Star Wars Rebels. In that very same time, we have actually also had actually a few rules updates and erratas for the Imperial Assault skirmish game. 

Early in the game, there wasn’t the choice to “pass” on taking an activation if your enemy had even more remaining activations, which made expensive units likeDarth Vaderuncompetitive. We likewise witnessed a couple of of the most leading systems, choose the Royal Guards, Imperial Officer, and also Rebel Saboteurs, obtain errata for being a little bit also strong.


Alongside these structural alters, we’ve checked out an in its entirety increase in our alternatives for systems and Command cards. With the current release of The Bespin Gambit and a mini-wave of great brand-new Ally Packs and also Villain Packs, the meta is truly wide open up and also this is the many excited I’ve ever before been around this game. So a lot has readjusted since the at an early stage days, and also it felt choose the perfect time to revisit the game and also evaluate the factions in their existing context. Of course, as soon as I was approached about composing the series, I felt compelled to begin with Imperial (as any good citizen of the Realm would).

Defensive Maneuvers

To begin, let’s look at the card that I believe to be the many meta-defining card in the game…Zillo Technique.

If you’ve been spfinishing all your time in the Outer Rim, you might be unfamiliar through Zillo Technique. Basically, it’s a one suggest skirmish upgrade that you have the right to exhaust as soon as per round to cancel up to Pierce 2 while deffinishing. Note that you can usage this card to protect any kind of model in your list. In enhancement, Zillo Technique likewise enables you to discard a Command also card in order to add a block to any defense roll. So, you might be thinking, alappropriate, that’s good, however is it really the the majority of meta-defining card in the game? 

Yes, it is.

The factor is bereason Zillo Technique changes the fundamental math of the game. Canceling Pierce 2 is beneficial once it applies, however the capacity to rotate any type of Command also card into a block at will is remarkable. Consider that an average skirmish game will certainly last just three or four rounds. Given that most units won’t attack on the first round, a figure is just going to gain 2 or three assaults per game. If discarding a Command card or canceling Pierce 2 (or both) permits a unit to survive, this has a dramatic impact.

First, to destroy that unit your enemy is now going to have to use one more one of his priceless assaults. And again, many units just obtain to make two to 3 assaults per game. Having to use another assault on the exact same unit is a really, really big deal, and also it pressures your enemy to waste damage. 2nd, this likewise means that you could acquire an additional strike or activation or probably also a entirety added round through that unit. Whether you’re able to earn even more scenario points or destroy foe figures, this significantly helps your activation economy.

In the diagram above, Agent Blaise would certainly have actually been destroyed, yet the extra block from Zillo Technique will certainly provide him a possibility to fire ago at Luke Skywalker.

Zillo Technique alone forces a rereview of eextremely Imperial card in the game. It creates a brand-new health and wellness curve that additionally forces various other factions to take a close look at their very own devices. Whereas a number choose a focusedHK Assassin Droidor aRebel Saboteurmight have actually been able to damage a figure in a solitary strike before Zillo Technique, the math on their assault simply got worse.

If you haven’t played as the Imperials in a while and also you need somewright here to begin, here’s a pretty solid theme to obtain a feel for what Zillo Technique deserve to do:

1 x Zillo Technique1 xElite StormtroopersorElite Snowtroopers1 x Royal Guard1 x Imperial Officer20-21 points of your choosing. Boba Fett, Darth Vader, The Grand Inquisitor, and also Troopers all occupational right here.


As far as your Command deck, I recommend starting with:

1 xTake Initiative1 xUrgency 1 xElement of Surprise1 xPlanning1 xNegation10 x cards based upon just how you spend the final twenty points of your army list.

If you decide to usage a Force User, cards likeDeflectionobtain a lot much better with Zillo Technique. Of course, staples likeForce Lightningare as great as ever! If you decide to incorporate more Troopers,Reinforcementsis among the ideal Command cards in the game.

You’ll also uncover that Stormtroopers and Royal Guards paired through Zillo Technique deserve to develop a protective wall that is difficult to deny. Friendly systems surrounding to the Royal Guards come to be supremely unattractive targets, which provides the points invested on the Royal Guards also more practical. Of course, this is just a beginning suggest, but I have no doubts you’ll be persuaded of the usefulness of Zillo Technique within a game or 2. It’s a staple for the Imperials and also one that they desperately needed!

Trooper Squads 

Next off on our list of meta-transforming Imperial cards isCross Training.It’s funny, bereason when I was initially experimentation this card I maintained forgaining the capability itself, which is to replace among your defense dice via a white die. That can be a potent ability: providing Troopers a possibility to dodge implies they can remain alive once they otherwise wouldn’t. As I mentioned earlier, systems remaining alive is a really, really substantial deal.

More importantly though, it gives Imperial Troopers accessibility to a slew of Command cards that make them a lot more powerful. The Spy trait continues to acquire support in the create of Command cards and also The Bespin Gamlittle bit did not disapsuggest. Between the enhancement of powerful Spy Command cards and systems likeAgent Blaise,Imperial Troopers via a Spy template are an extremely solid contender for top spot in the meta.

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If you are searching for somewbelow to begin through Troopers, here’s a starting template:

1 x Agent Blaise1 x Imperial Officer1 x Elite Snowtroopers via Cross Training1 x Elite Stormtroopers1 x Zillo Technique


As much as Command cards for this list, it gets a little even more particular given just how much of the list below is Troopers. I would certainly recommend founding with these cards:

1 xComm Disruption1 xStrategic Shift1 xEspionage Mastery2 x Reinforcements1 xIntelligence Leak1 x Take Initiative1 x Element of Surprise1 x Negation1 x Urgency5 x Other cards based upon your personal preferences.

Looking Ahead

As I look to the future, eager to find out what’s coming next, I’m even more excited than ever for Imperial Assault skirmish. I’d very encourage you to revisit older systems and Command also cards in light of the latest releases. I’ve been finding that many cards I previously created off are all of a sudden very useful… yet I’ll have actually more on that later!

Stay tuned for my upcoming write-ups about the various other 2 factions in the game, the Rebels and Mercenaries. Until then, might the Force be through you all!