In episode 24 of JoJo"s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, Polnareff takes benefit of a dangerous case to present off his understanding of hand also signals. A video of this have the right to be discovered here.

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Kakyoin recognises the hand also signal as interpretation "Your underwear is showing", which substantially pleases Polnareff. The two of them share some kind of sophisticated handshake to note the occasion, the eyes of both personalities being darkened (which, as far as I understand also, generally suggests seriousness).

What on Earth is going on here? Why carry out Kakyoin and Polnareff know this, why is Polnareff so pleased and why execute they share a sophisticated hand also shake afterwards?


Polnareff knows this by virtue of him being Polnareff.

Combining the individual gestures and their "translations" makes the sentence that it does.

Pan (Japanese sound for clapping) + 2 (two) + ok (maru) + seeing somepoint (mieru) = pan-tsu (underwear) + maru (entire) + mieru (deserve to see)

Only Kakyoin is able to decipher what he"s trying to say, because NO ONE ELSE chimes in, and they both share a bonding minute. That bonding moment is the remarkable handshake, and their eyes darken to reflect the solemnity of the bro-ment.



It"s likewise a reference to one more manga collection referred to as Dr. Slump, wbelow an additional character does the exact same hand signal. So it might be a bro minute where Polnareff is basically going "Whoa, you gained that reference? Yeeeesss, we check out the same comic!"

It can additionally be worth noting that France loves manga, so it would make feeling that Polnareff had actually read Dr. Slump.


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